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AR Annahita

Author - Photographer - Artist

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AR Annahita



Author, Photographer and Artist. 

Writer of the book series 'Followed my Star'

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Followed my Star (Volume 3) is the book of all the solutions provided throughout the storyline. It explains a new philosophy towards world peace. How the universe and our world works. It has a lot to do with the balance, but the balance doesn't only affect us spiritually, it affects us in all aspects of life and also in our economy and politics.

It takes you into a place of self-exploration and the desire of finding yourself with answers. You will finally figure out yourself and the world around you by reading this book. The author sees the forest and the individual tree, and will put everything for you into a new perspective that is calming, brings you back to simplicity and out of the chaos. The chaos that society provides us with is overwhelming and can make you have the wrong opinion for no reason at all. This book is a theoretical approach to world peace and talks about the world issues we have today. It also approaches other beliefs and main religions in the world, it is a book that combines other beliefs and religions to cause peace in the world. This book brings clarity and an aim to a new perspective that you need to provide our environment with. It is the author’s purpose to put the seeds of world peace into growth.

The 3rd book can be read without reading the 1st and 2nd book.

Warning: This book is a different type of approach to world peace. It uses at times a bold tone, because the reality we live in is not pretty at all times. To really affect a change, we have to talk about the ugly and pretty of life. There comes the balance in play, it is all balanced. That is why this book looks under each stone and reveals its beauty or ugly. 

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